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My name is Brooke, and I am a lifestyle family photographer based out of Wray, Colorado. I've been serving the eastern Colorado area since 2019. I love big open sky sunsets, bare feet, muddy fingers, loving stares, open mouth laughter and the sweet, dreamy look of a baby in their mama's arms. I want to capture the moment as it is in the most magical way. Even the chaos. Or the messy hair. The crying. The laughing. The toothy grin. The freckles. All of it folds together and creates a moment and a memory you can treasure.

My style is true to life with punch. It's timeless and sweet. It's you through my lens.

I shoot outdoors and love using natural lighting to my advantage. I'm a sap for sun flares and twinkling light peeking through trees. Most of my sessions take place during "golden hour" so I can achieve those velvety backgrounds and sharp subjects. I have locations in the Wray area that I use for sessions but am always ready to go somewhere new.

After 3 years of being in the photography industry, I've discovered I'm the most passionate about family and children's portraiture as well as senior portraits.

I enjoy working with all types of families. No two are exactly alike and each are growing and changing in their own distinct ways. I feel it's so important to capture every season of your family; our memories fade as we move to the next chapters. Pictures freeze time and give you the gift of seeing your memories again--not just dreaming them.

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“Being part of a family means smiling for photos.”

–Harry Morgan {Actor & director}

Why hire a family photographer?

they're only little for a little bit

The famous cliche that "time flies" holds so much truth. I believe once you become a parent, you realize just how quickly life moves. As each one of our babies grows up, we grow older too. It's a bittersweet course we all travel with our families. Photography is magical in it's ability to push pause and capture forever these moments that are fleeting.

You'll never regret having the pictures and keeping the memories to be passed down for years to come.

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"The family is one of nature's masterpieces."

-George Santayana {philosopher}

Invest into your family legacy

memories worth everything

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