Hi, I'm Brooke

I live in Wray, Colorado with my husband Dane and our two children, Sovereign (8) and Fable (5). We found ourselves here in 2016 and staked our spot in this town's incredible community. I appreciate, "living in the middle of nowhere" because it pushes me to be more creative and adventurous while keeping life simple at the same time. I truly appreciate our quaint little town and raising our family here.

I started my photography business in November of 2019 after doing family pictures for my best friend and my sister. The past 3 years have been incredibly rewarding and eye opening. I've discovered I'm the most passionate about capturing families and children as well as senior portraits.

I'd describe myself as an extroverted introvert. I cherish my alone time, however as someone who grew up in a small town, I appreciate connecting with people. My favorite part of this profession outside of the creative process, is the privilege of hearing each family's story. No family is the same and I treasure the candid moments I can capture as well as learning all about my clients and their loved ones.

During my sessions, I prepare myself and my equipment as much as possible so I can feel present during our time together. I don't like to rush but prefer taking my time getting to know you and making the environment comfortable and fun. When it's possible, I like to be more of an observer and quiet when I shoot (like candid shots of a child/children playing) and other times, I'll prompt or pose you and be more involved in the moment.

I'm a mom of two young children, so I understand that patience goes a long way when interacting with families. I understand some kids will ask a lot of questions or run around freely and others will be shy or even upset during the session. I promise that I have no expectations of any child to behave perfectly, and instead embrace the method of moving minute to minute. All it takes is a second to capture a look or a smile. I do my absolute best to make the most of any situation in order to give you beautiful images. I like to mix posed shots with candid ones so your session has variety, but also so kids can have a break between taking directions and having to do something specific. I keep a loose schedule of poses in my head, but love working in the moment. Like a performer stepping on stage, I tend to transform as soon as I lift the camera to my eye. It's hard to describe how my mind shifts. The world becomes art and I'm delighted to capture it. The moments when the magic clicks in rhythm with my camera, I feel connected to my clients and humbled through my passion. There's nothing in the world like getting "the shot" that someone will treasure for years to come. I understand what a privilege it is to document your family and the moments that mean the most to you.

I am currently booking sessions for 2023 and look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas for you upcoming session!