My first and foremost goal is making you feel comfortable while we're together.

I believe in having a vision for the day but leaving room for life to happen.

I'm a small-town gal who delights in capturing the magic of family with prompts, patience, and connection. I want you to have the most beautiful pictures, but I also want to give you a beautiful experience.

I photograph a lot of families with young children and want every parent to be assured and confident that I'll be patient, kind, and gentle with their children. I thoroughly enjoy laughing and being silly. I am passionate about family photography because I love being around kids and capturing their personalities--they're my favorite subjects to photograph!

I also know that the day of your session may be stressful leading up to our time together. You coordinated outfits, rearranged nap time and made your promises of a treat or toy in return for good behavior (we've all done it). You've not only had to get the whole family ready, but also yourself. I know you have a vision in mind and want everything to go smoothly. I do too.

But life happens.

Kids cry.

Sometimes it's colder than expected. Or windy.

Maybe you forgot your daughter's bow for her hair.

Your son may have cannonballed off the couch and now has a bruise above his eyebrow.

The baby fell asleep in the van on the way over.

Life happens.

I'm an easy-going person who knows not to fight against what happens and just roll with it instead. Memories are rarely perfectly dressed and sitting up straight. Memories are messy and silly. Some sessions are easy, don't get me wrong. But also know I'm prepared for those that move minute to minute or moment to moment when life happens.

I encourage parents to keep positive attitudes if their children are being difficult. I have never seen a child's demeanor change for the better when the parent is upset with them for not behaving perfectly for pictures. I prefer redirecting kids or switching to different poses with someone else so they can have a break. Going with the flow has always garnered me the best results. Bribery works too (HA!).

If life happens, just know I'll do my best to keep things running smoothly to give you a good experience and images you can treasure for years to come. I'm prepared and ready to handle your session no matter how it goes.

Inquiry & Details

Everything starts with a conversation. Reach out through my contact page and we can start discussing all of the details of your session! This is when we talk about what specific session you'd like to book, your budget, locations, outfits, and any other details to help the day of your session go smoothly. I like to know as much about you {and everyone else involved} as I can before we meet.

Contract & Payment

After we discuss all the creative details, it's time to read and sign your contract. You'll pay a retainer to secure your session date. Your retainer is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a different session date if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Session Day

I know as well as anyone, how much effort goes into getting everyone ready for your session. I'll be sure to have a calm energy and a plan in place when you arrive. We'll meet at the predetermined location (I typically arrive 15 minutes prior to our session time to scout the location and get areas mapped out), briefly go over what poses we'll do first, and answer questions. I like to have a loose game plan in place so we can have flexibility with poses. More often than not, families will get inspiration as they get more comfortable and I'm happy to incorporate your ideas (time and lighting permitting).

Choosing your images

You'll receive an online gallery to choose the images you love most. Each package has a different amount of images that are included in the cost; however, you are able to purchase additional images or even your whole gallery.

Need outfit inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board for outfit ideas, color palettes & accessories